4 Ways To Save Money Without Cutting Spending

Want to know how to save money without cutting spending? (haha, this is not a trick question!)

In a Facebook post I did recently, I mentioned a few things you can do to reduce your expenses each month, particularly when it comes to those regular repayments and sneaky auto-renewals. Hopefully you took some time out to check through your bank statement (over a cuppa) and put a line through anything you don’t really need and then action it – don’t forget that last step!! If not, go check out my post and see what you can do :-). 

FYI, after my quarterly review I managed to save over $130/mth. I admit, I was due for a clean out….but that equates to more than $1,500 a year in savings! 

But if you just can’t sharpen that pencil any further each month, what options do you have for forking out less cash? 

Take advantage of referral links

A lot of companies these days give you credit off your accounts, or cash incentives for you to refer their services. Now, if you currently use said services and genuinely love them and would recommend them, then why not take advantage of these kick-backs? Going one step further, sometimes these companies give both the refer-er and refer-ee a credit. For example, I recently used a referral link and both of us got $20 against our next bill. #winwin

Look for options where you might be able to share services

This may be in the form of old-fashioned car-pooling, or sharing office-space, through to joining up as a team for a subscription service. Take a look at what you and your friends have in common and see if you can chalk up another #winwin.

Unsubscribe from all those emails wanting you to buy stuff

Now, this may not seem directly related, but when you really start paying attention, we have soooo many emails hitting out inbox encouraging us to shop the latest sale, 15% of when using Afterpay, or Hurry! Offer ends tonight! By decluttering all these emails you are less likely to give in to temptation and spend money you hadn’t otherwise planned to…..otherwise known as “removing temptation”.

Cash in those rewards 

It seems these days there’s a rewards program for just about everything. But, some of these have the potential to save you a load of cash. I have two I redeem regularly that save me hundreds each year! One of these programs means I can receive everyday things like skin care, make-up and household items for free, the other helps me take holidays for so much less. And the awesome thing is I don’t have to fork out any extra to take advantage of these programs, or change my spending habits to earn points. #winwin again.

Sometimes it pays to get creative (haha, see what I did there 😉 ). There are opportunities all around to help you keep more cash in your pocket for the important stuff. Seek out that abundance!!

Let me know if you’ve got any other creative ways to save money. I love hearing new tricks!!

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