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I'm Natalie, a mum of two boys and a self-confessed nerd who loves all things health, wellness, finance and money.

I've been working in finance for over 20 years.....taking a short break after having my kids, and then combining a corporate job with my life coaching business, where I helped women find balance across all the key areas of their lives.

One thing I found during this time was that the financial health of so many women was such a significant stressor in their life, particularly women entrepreneurs who were working and trying to make a living from their business. 

My full focus is now on helping small businesses take control of their finances, so they can feel confident in making smart financial decisions and set their business up for success and growth, all while making profits and paying themselves consistently.

One of the ways I do this is through helping entrepreneurs implement the Profit First system in their business. I love working with clients to get Profit First off the ground and establish super strong financial habits and cash management strategies. As one of the few Profit First Professionals in Australia, I'm able to combine my finance experience with my Profit First training and support to not only guide you through the business challenges you face, but work closely with you to maximise your profits.

Don't let your finances take the back-seat, when you should have them up-front with you helping you drive your business forward.

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Please note.....while I am indeed a chartered accountant, I'm not a registered tax agent, nor BAS agent, and therefore cannot give you specific advice on accounting or taxation matters or complete taxation matters directly on your behalf.

What I can do is work with you to ensure you have fabulous systems in place to enable you to complete these yourself, or I can help arrange oversight for these services by the required parties.

As a Certified Profit First Professional I have direct experience in guiding clients to higher profits and we will work through strategies together to achieve this for your business.